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Dell E-Port II PRO3X Docking Station


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Refubished ExBusiness Docking Station. Features: network connector, parallel connector, video 2 DVI connector, video 1 DVI connector, audio connectors (2), USB connectors (3), AC adapter connector, video 1 DisplayPort connector, video 2 DisplayPort connector, VGA connector, serial connector, USB connectors (2), PS/2 connectors (2), USB or eSATA connector, E-Monitor Stand connector


1 in stock

Front View

Front View

(Fig.1 Front View)

1 Battery Bar Adjuster 2 Alignment Mark
3 Power Button 4 Docking LED
5 Eject Button 6 Docking Connector


Rear View

Rear View

(Fig.2 Rear View)

1 E-Monitor Stand Connector 2 USB 2.0 or eSATA Connector
3 PS/2 Connector x2 4 USB 3.0 Connector x2
5 Serial Connector 6 VGA Connector
7 DisplayPort Connectors 8 AC Adapter Connector
9 Network Connector 10 Parallel Connector
11 DVI Connectors


Left View

LHS View

(Fig.3 Left Hand Side View)

1 USB 2.0 Connector x3 2 Headphone Connector
3 Microphone Connector


Right View

RHS View

(Fig.4 Right Hand Side View)

1 Eject Button 2 Security Cable Slot
3 Lock / Unlock Switch


AC Adapter View


(Fig.5 130W AC Adapter)

Type 130W Series Description
Input Voltage 100 VAC to 240 VAC
Output Power 130 W
Output Voltage 19.5 VDC


(Fig.6 240W AC Adapter)

Type 240W Series (seen as 210W on Dock) Description
Input Voltage 100 VAC to 240 VAC
Output Power 240 W
Output Voltage 19.5 VDC


Connecting a System to this Dock

Power Connection

(Fig.7 Connecting power to Dock)

  1. This dock can work off of the Notebooks Battery or you can connect an AC adapter.
  2. Have the dock in a location with enough space to support the system once it’s docked.
  3. If the system has a battery that extends behind the machine, then use the slide at the rear of the dock to adjust the sliding block flush with the battery.

Securing Slide

(Fig.8 Dock securing slide)

  1. Push the locking switch at the right hand side of the dock towards the rear of the dock to unlock it. DO NOT try and dock a system with this switch locked.

Switch Lock

(Fig.9 System locking slide)

  1. Line up the alignment marks on the dock and the system and push firmly down to seat the system on the docking connector. (You should hear a click as it seats in place.)

Alignment Marks

(Fig.10 Align Dock connector)

  1. You can dock the system while it is turned on, however if you docked it whilst it was off – you can turn the system on by pressing the Power Button on either the system or the Dock.
  2. If it’s doesn’t boot correctly, undock the system and reseat it.


Disconnecting a System from this Dock

  1. Push the lock switch towards the rear of the dock to unlock it.
  2. Press the Eject button on the dock to undock it. Lift the system up and away from the dock.

Eject Button

(Fig.11 System eject button)


Note: Some Latitudes have the docking connector closer to the rear of the system. This can leave a gap between the back of the docked system and the main section of the docking station. In those cases a spacer can be purchased to fill the gap in between the two devices.
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