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Warranty Information


For all brand new laptops and computers, warranty is carried out by going through the manufacturer, not LFO Pty Ltd.

Warranty services generally cover incidental hardware damage such as faulty Hard Drives and Optical Drives.

: Cracked screens, damaged power supplies, liquid and drink spills, lost data, lost passwords or corrupted Windows partitions. Warranty does not cover software, nor does it cover physical damage.

To obtain Warranty support, please contact your representative at these manufacturers:

Acer Technical Support
Tel: (02) 8762 3000

eMachines Technical Support
Tel: 1300 885 712

Gateway Technical Support
Tel: 1300 187 688

Toshiba Technical Support
Tel: 13 30 70

HP & Compaq Technical Support
Tel: 13 10 47

Samsung Technical Support
Tel: 1300 362 603

Sony Technical Support
Tel: 1300 13 SONY (7669)

BenQ Technical Supportt
Tel: 1300 130 336

ASUS Technical Support
Tel: 1300 278 788

LG Technical Support
Tel: 1300 LG CARE (54 2273)

NEC Technical Support
Tel: 1300 780 103

Fujitsu PC Australia
Tel: 02 8877 9500

LFO Pty Ltd provides Warranty services for all ex-lease laptops and computers sold. Ex-Lease Computer support is obtained by dialing this number:

(02) 9892 0000